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A software application or a digital service is as good as the data it gets to operate on. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the organization must invest in ensuring high-quality Data Storage Infrastructure to go with their services. The QA automation expertise in itself is branching out into fresher innovative paradigms to ensure uncompromised user experience with zero downtimes for the services.

Storage Testing is nothing but an extended branch in this venture that specializes in ensuring that your Storage Area Network, Network Attached Storage, Software-Defined Storage, Cloud Storage and other storage technologies work in tandem with your ambitious yet reliable digital transformation projects. Any modernized storage expertise is incomplete without a proper apparatus for Quality Assurance.

Storage Quality for Service Durability

Storage Testing manages the software application for its storage capabilities in terms of data distribution, disk allotment, integrity etc. Dedicated expertise of Storage Testing is necessary as the storage infrastructure holds the relevant data needed by the services offered. Poor storage quality might result in fatal downtimes, data unavailability, and even data leakage.

Storage resources like storage networks, block and object storage, flash-arrays, and storage software and virtualization tools are all tested for their dedicated objectives in the storage infrastructure so that the overall application or service may function without any hiccups. Storage Testing also ensures minimal latency for the storage resources for smooth operation of the services.

Dedicated expertise of Storage Testing is necessary as the storage infrastructure holds the relevant data needed by the services offered.

End-to-End Storage Quality Assurance

Storage systems like SAN and NAS need to be tested for their performance, functionality, latency, block and file level protocols, security vulnerabilities and more. Storage automation frameworks are tested for data security, data compliance, and data transactions. Storage hardware is also tested for performance of flash arrays, multi-paths, storage drivers, and NVMe.

Storage management UI and APIs have and different testing framework to ensure Interoperability, localized compliance and system performance. Storage testing is necessary for reliable service deliveries and sophisticated test automation tools are employed by global enterprises and ISVs to ensure superior quality, and excellent customer experience.

MSys Storage Testing Services Offerings

MSys Storage Testing Services analyze the quality of storage infrastructure for different layers including Orchestration, Virtualization, Hypervisor, and Hardware. The storage ecosystem integration, files systems, block drives, flash arrays, protocols and software-defined storage resources are all tested for functionality, performance, compliance, security, scalability, and interoperability.

Our Storage Testing experts strategize and manage File Systems, drivers, encryptions, checkpoints, protocols, and replications among other things for your storage infrastructures. Various storage technologies like NVMe, Software-Defined Storage, Data Protection and Data Recovery tools are all tested various facets of their functionality to ensure that the storage and data resources are working seamlessly with the rest of the CI/CD pipeline.

Storage Testing offerings

  • Storage Testing Consulting
  • NAS Functionality, Compliance, and Performance Testing
  • File System Testing
  • Customized Automation Storage Testing Framework
  • SAN/iSCSI Compliance and Performance Testing
  • Inter-Operability and Multi-path Testing
  • Disaster Protection and Data Recovery Testing
  • Storage UI/UX Testing
  • SSD/Flash Arrays

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