Flash Memory Summit (FMS) 2019: MSys Technologies’ Flash Maven to Present “Fabrics/NVMe-oFs – Storage’s New Magic Wand”

Santa Clara, CA (USA), July 31, 2019 – MSys Technologies’ storage expert, Arindam Sarkar is amongst the selected few to present the technical paper “Fabrics/NVMe-oFs – Storage’s New Magic Wand” to the storage world. MSys Technologies, a leading developer of modern distributed systems and complex ecosystem integrations with open source and commercial technologies, will flag and engage with its storage expertise at FMS 2019.

Demystifying Fabrics/NVMe-oFs for Future Storage Solutions

Arindam Sarkar holds incisive knowledge on the broad-level storage industry. Arindam brings to table a vetted knowledge of delivering Enterprise-class storage products. Arindam’s scientific temperament towards storage architecture, Firmware/OS interfaces, memory utilization, security protocol make his presentation ‘Eldorado’ for storage veterans and architects at FMS 2019. Arindam will educate the audience on how Fabrics/NVMe-oFs defines a new storage era and help deliver transformative solutions to datacentric customers.

Arindam Sarkar carries an immaculate body of work in the field of storage. Arindam’s passion for technology and innovation, technical-risk appetite, and unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge storage engineering added his presentation in the to-do list at FMS 2019. And on top of it, his acute business sense makes him one of the sought after tech-leader in the storage space.

“In 2019, Software Defined Storage will accelerate the adoption rate of NVMes. It rubs off glitches associated with traditional storage to ensure smooth data migration while adopting NVMes. With SDS, enterprises need not worry about the ‘Rip and Replace’ hardware procedure. We will witness vendors design storage platforms that append to NVMes protocol. This will invariably boost the adoption of NVMe-oF (Over Fabrics). There have been significant developments in NVMe-OF in 2018, including direct block access to NVMe devices and NVMe over TCP (Ethernet) connectivity. As a result, the market is poised to see significant growth in Ethernet-based storage networking,” expands Arindam.

He further enumerates, “The phenomenal rise in the Cloud has dramatically pushed numerous applications out of the on-premise environment. As a result, the per-unit cost there has drastically reduced. The reduction in price has further proliferated applications on the Cloud. This means there are mammoth workloads in Cloud, which needs to be streamlined and executed. As a result, organizations are moving beyond single servers by embracing NVMe-oF.”
The technical presentation titled “Fabrics/NVMe-oF – Storage’s New Magic-Wand” will apprise storage world on:
1. Fabrics/NVMe-oF Current Trends
2. Real-Life Project Insights
3. 2020 Predictions (and NOT too farsighted)

“Getting selected on merit to present at FMS 2019, speaks volume! I’m thrilled that Arindam will enlighten the audience on a topic (Fabrics/NVMe-oF) that underlines the storage industry’s growth trajectory. MSys has helped numerous enterprises to enable data center agility and resilience by benchmarking performances for NVMe-oF. We’ve also helped them by performing validation testing for NVMe-oF based Flash Array. We believe in 2020 the major focus will remain to eliminate the bottlenecks associated with the adoption of NVMe-of. This is largely related to the development of applications that resonate well with NVMe-oF,“ says Sanjay Sehgal, CEO, and Founder, MSys Technologies.

Further talking about Arindam’s presentation, Sanjay adds, “I consider Arindam, a storage maven. At MSys, he has been instrumental in delivering value to clients by orchestrating multi-vendor storage solutions. NVMe-oF is an extension to the NVMe standard that enables access to remote NVMe devices over different network fabrics. NVMe over Fabric offers a paradigm shift in enterprise storage by allowing parallel communication between the server and a storage device. This increases the potential for both performance and scalability to experiences a boost.”
Arindam adds, “Vendors will work hard in offering the choice of fabric technology to customers. We might also see a promising rise of the FC-NVMe in coming years. This is because it has successfully demonstrated the use of NVMes over Fibre Channel SAN. Further, there is rising vendors’ concern over the increasing downtimes during the interoperability testing. FC-NVMe will the preferred choice for such vendor to define rules, which can absolve such downtimes. “

Three Days of Fun, Networking, and Learning at Flash Memory Summit (FMS) 2019

FMS is the sought-after events in the storage industry. The event will host some of the finest brains working in the storage domain from August 6-8. Attendees can relish unwinding of latest perspective on hottest topics – SSDs, All-Flash Arrays (AFA), NVMe/PCIe storage, Fabrics (NVMe-oF), and 3D NAND/3D XPoint, to name a few. They can also network with like-minded people, attend keynote sessions and understand futuristic roadmaps to non-volatile memory (NVM).

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