MSys Inks Strategic Partnership with Boomi to Accelerate Digital Transformation Solutions

A Groundbreaking Alliance for Digital Excellence

Alpharetta, Georgia – 4 April 2024: MSys Technologies proudly unveils its strategic partnership with Boomi, a leading cloud integration and data management solutions provider. This groundbreaking alliance promises to revolutionize how businesses approach their digital journey, offering a seamless integration platform designed to propel organizations into a hyper-connected future.

Seamless Integration for a Hyper-Connected Era

Despite living in a hyperconnected world, a significant challenge persists for businesses: leveraging the true potential of their data. Applications hoard vast amounts of information, but often operate in isolation, creating data silos. This disconnect hinders businesses from uncovering valuable insights crucial for informed decision-making and maximizing efficiency. As per a Venturebeat report underscores the severity of this issue:

  • 68% stated their work suffers due to a lack of visibility into cross-functional projects.
  • Nearly half of respondents (46%) cited poor business processes, stemming from disconnected data, as a reason for slower decision-making and increased risk of errors.
  • 79% of knowledge workers reported feeling siloed from colleagues.
  • These data silos translate into wasted time and frustration, with knowledge workers spending an average of 29% of their workweek (11.6 hours) searching for necessary information.
MSys Technologies and Boomi Partnership Orchestrates the Future of Connected Businesses

This strategic partnership between MSys Technologies and Boomi tackles this challenge head-on. By dismantling data silos and orchestrating seamless information flow, this collaboration empowers businesses to unlock valuable insights and accelerate their digital transformation journey. Boomi’s renowned integration solutions bridge the gap between applications, data, and devices, enabling real-time connectivity and optimized workflows. This allows businesses to make informed decisions faster, streamline operations, and tap into the full potential of their data. Together, this partnership sets a solid foundation for enterprises to navigate the challenges of modern integration, API lifecycle management, and integrated data management, positioning integration as a strategic business enabler.

“Our partnership with Boomi serves as a strategic catalyst for IT transformation,” says Dhwanit Shah, Senior Vice President – Digital Solutions, MSys Technologies. “It enables seamless integration of applications and services, accelerating our modernization journey and unlocking the power of data. These deep customer and market insights will empower businesses to be agile and responsive, capitalizing on market trends and creating new revenue streams. By streamlining processes and achieving up to a 30% reduction in time to market, we will solidify this partnership as a key driver of unparalleled success for our clients.”

Sreenivasan Pylore, Vice President, Global Sales- Digital Business at MSys says, “MSys and Boomi Partnership will enable Customers to expedite their Digital transformation and take further the Digital journey and open new markets for both. MSys is known to provide cutting edge solutions and solve complex technology problems of Customers. Boomi has crossed over $500 Millions revenue market last year and has kicked off their new financial year.”

“Boomi is beyond excited to have onboarded MSys as one of our official Partners. With their vast experience in the iPaaS industry along with top notch talent, we feel this Partnership will allow us to create even more of a positive impact for our current customer base as well as work together to bring Boomi to new clientele.”, says Boomi.

Elevating Client Experiences: The Value Proposition of Our Partnership

With a shared vision for digital excellence, this partnership brings invaluable benefits for our clients:

  • Accelerated Digital Transformation: MSys Technologies’ digital integration and acceleration as a service offers cutting-edge tools and guidance for swift IT modernization. This collaboration embodies digital excellence, integrating applications and services seamlessly across the enterprise. This partnership empowers businesses to achieve digital ambitions and deliver integrated customer experiences.
  • Intelligent Integrated Experiences: This partnership leverages Boomi’s renowned platform for seamless integration, unifying applications, data sources, and devices. With MSys Technologies’ advanced digital solutions, it unlocks profound insights into customer behavior and market dynamics. Empowering enterprises to respond decisively to market trends and stay ahead in competition.
  • Enhanced Customer Value: Boomi’s integration prowess, paired with MSys Technologies’ innovative solutions, ensures agile and scalable offerings for clients. This partnership will unlock valuable data insights and empower businesses to assess customer behavior and market trends with precision allowing organizations to capitalize on new market opportunities, gaining a first-mover advantage.
  • Maximized Efficiency and Revenue Growth Opportunities: Redefining integration, this collaboration saves time and costs while boosting operational efficiency. Enterprises can now innovate rapidly, operate effectively, and scale swiftly up to 30% reduction in time to market. This partnership opens pathways to revenue growth, providing a first mover’s advantage for unparalleled success.

To explore how Boomi and MSys can help you unlock the value of your data through intelligent integration solutions, contact us here.

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About Boomi
Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is trusted by more than 15,000 customers globally for its speed, ease of use, and lower total cost of ownership. As the pioneer in fueling the intelligent use of data, Boomi’s vision is to make it quick and easy for customers and partners to discover, manage, and orchestrate data while connecting applications, processes, and people for better, faster outcomes. For more information about Boomi, visit


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