MSys Technologies Listed As a ‘Top DevOps Company’ by Vendorland

Alpharetta, Georgia (USA), December 22, 2021– MSys Technologies, a leading Product Engineering Services Company, was listed among the ‘Top DevOps Companies’ by Vendorland for its unparalleled DevOps Consulting Services.

A US-based Trusted DevOps Vendor and SRE authority, MSys Technologies found its rightful place in the list after being meticulously probed for its Industry Focus, Core Services, Focus Areas and Innovative platforms. The company’s also been highlighted for its niche expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Data Management, Cloud Consulting, and other Managed IT services tangent to DevOps.

DevOps-Driven Product Innovation

MSys Technologies has been steadily rising in the disruptive era of digital transformation through its ever-evolving niche in DevOps Landscape. With Workload optimization, Self-Monitoring Infrastructures, Unified Environments, and Automation Platforms, MSys Technologies has ensured uncompromised DevOps services for global enterprises and ISVs.

After keenly observing MSys’ arsenal for DevSecOps, Containerization, Infrastructure Management, CI/CD, and Smart Automation solutions, Vendorland found it apt to include the company among its Top 10 for DevOps outreach.

Sanjay Sehghal, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of MSys Group, offers, “More than Continuous Integration and Delivery, it’s the Continuous Evolving that has bagged MSys this recognition as a go-to name for secure DevOps solutions. This goes on to add another golden feather in our DevOps cap, honoring our internal teams as well as the trusting clients and partners.”

Sunny Raskar, VP & Global Head, Sales and Marketing also added, “We respectfully thank Vendorland for taking the effort to list the best names in DevOps Consulting Services domain and validating MSys Technologies reputation as a Trusted DevOps Vendor. This honor would go on to encourage our DevOps maestros to bring in more innovation for our CI/CD engineering and offer an even better Customer Experience to the global enterprises and ISVs that reach out to us.

Giving a shout out to DevOps Teams, Sanjay concluded ‘This call for a pat on the back to our engineering powerhouse and DevOps teams who have proved time and again that they love to go beyond their call of duty. It is their efforts to deliver breakthrough solutions that won us this feat. ’

About MSys Technologies

MSys Technologies (won DevOps India Summit 2021) is a reliable partner for product engineering services and digital transformation projects for its ISV and Enterprise clientele. We design, develop, and manage modern distributed systems and complex ecosystem integration with open source, proprietary cloud-native, and containerized technology expertise and outcome-based pricing.For more, please refer to

DevOps-Driven Product Innovation

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