MSys Technologies at VMWorld US 2019: Converting Digital Acceleration into Market Advantage

San Francisco, CA (USA), August 8, 2019 – MSys Technologies – a cutting-edge digital powerhouse with a focus on distributed systems and complex ecosystem integrations would be championing the mantra of ‘Make Your Mark’ at VMworld 2019. MSys Technologies will bring forward its Digital Architects to put ISVs and Enterprises on an accelerated digital path and sustainable market edge.

MSys Technologies’ Thought Leadership – Leapfrogging Digital Acceleration into Market Advantage

Digital technologies like IoT, Cloud Native, 5G, and others have gamified the end-user experience. It simultaneously unlocked multiple revenue streams – product companies just need to up their game by orchestrating intelligent digital solutions. From data center to cloud to device, organizations already have experts, practitioners, and influencers for their product ecosystem. The time is perfect for collaborating with difference-makers to convert acceleration and automation into a market advantage.
Sanjay Sehgal, CEO, MSys Technologies, and Visionary Entrepreneur enumerates “It is imperative to induce agility and resiliency within your software product delivery process. This isn’t possible without a robust, consistent, and secure infrastructure. MSys Technologies becomes an enabler of industrialized product delivery at digital speed. Our technology architects unify virtual environments to build a top-notch cloud infrastructure and accelerate the delivery of your software-defined solutions. This streamlines delivery of modern containerized applications powered by automation.“
Speaking on VMWorld 2019, Sanjay adds, “VMWare 2019, as usual, is Hall Mark event for digital infrastructure. We are thrilled to participate in VMWare 2019, where the global tech leaders assemble to envision a digital future. We had an exciting year so far with five technical papers chosen for presentation at SNIA SDC USA, SNIA SDC India, and Flash Memory Summit.”
In the pulsating moment, Sunny Raskar, VP Sales and Marketing, and seasonal customer champion summate “If your software product doesn’t reach the market on time, you will experience tough times. This is because the market dynamics alter, if not demand a complete overhaul.  And your product – however brilliant, falls short of expectation. We at VMWorld 2019 would collaborate with product leaders to help them unleash the true value of digital and put their business on the next pedestal. We would delve into new-age digital trends and exhibit solutions that put them ahead of your competition. This year, our core focus remains IT Infrastructure Automation, Cloud Native, 5G and IoT and Lab-as-a-Service.”

Featured Digital Services

IT Infrastructure Automation

The growth of IT infrastructure with multilayered functionalities has increased complexities in operational management. Your organization essentially needs the four key modern application development practices – workload optimization, unified environment for development, self-monitoring infrastructure capabilities, and automation across multiple platforms.


  • Datacenter Migration
  • Infrastructure Modernization
  • Automating Build Process
  • Data Security and Compliance
  • VM Backups and Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery Automation
  • Backup Automation
  • Security Automation
  • Governance and Optimization

Service Hallmark: MSys Technologies’ Storage Mavens, Shriram Pore, and Rohan Puri will present their Technical Paper, “LSM-based storage techniques – strengths and trade-offs” at SNIA Storage Developer Conference US 2019.

Cloud Native Computing

Product management requires a consistent, automated, fluid, and nimble approach backed by a continuous improvement mechanism. You essentially need Container-based virtualization (CaaS – Container as a Service), Microservices enabled the deployment, DevOps powered agility, and continuous feedback.


  • Cloud Strategy and Migration Roadmap
  • Continuous Container Orchestration
  • Multi-Cluster Infrastructure Orchestration
  • Cloud Application Management Services
  • High Availability & Instant Load Balancing
  • Auto Healing
  • Automated Rolling Upgrades

Service Hallmark: MSys Technologies’ Cloud Maven, Divyank Shukla, presented Technical Paper “Recommendation Engine for Data Eviction Policy in CSP” at SNIA Storage Developer Conference India 2019.
Divyank will also present Technical Paper “Microblogging Blockchain-based encrypted Cloud Storage Architecture with compliance to General Data Protection Regulation – Right to Erasure (Right to be Forgotten)” at SNIA Storage Developer Conference US 2019.

5G and IoT

The advent of the 5th Generation (5G) network and IoT requires a storage architecture that scales with mammoth data consumption at a consistent speed. You must ensure swift data response at the edge, real-time data analytics, data sync framework, and data interoperability.


  • BI & Data Visualization
  • Embedded & Firmware engineering
  • IoT Platform Integration
  • Gateway Implementation / Integration
  • Remote Diagnostics & Management of Equipment

Service Hallmark: MSys Technologies’ Storage Maven, Arindam Sarkar will present his Technical Paper, “Fabrics/NVMe-oF’s Storage’s New Magic Wand” at Flash Memory Summit 2019.


Innovation-first lab environment implements tedious make and repair application activities behind the scenes with a continuous improvement cycle. Your Lab-as-a-Service must ensure on-demand and self-service environment, intelligent automation, and cloud-powered capabilities.


  • New Lab Design and consulting
  • Existing Service Provider Lab Consolidation / Up-gradation
  • Lab E2E OSS integration and Test Automation Support
  • Service Reporting (SLA/KPI) Management

Service Hallmark: MSys Technologies’ Lab-as-a-Service Mavens, Pooja Pandey, and Pranjali Malode will present their Technical Paper, “Application Performance benchmarking for NVMe-oF persistent volume (on Kubernetes cluster)” at SNIA Storage Developer Conference US 2019.

Five Days of Fun, Networking, and Learning at VMWorld 2019

Welcoming more than 21,000 attendees, VMworld US 2019 offers incredible opportunities for education, training, and insights into current and future trends related to digital infrastructure technology and transformation.  Beyond that, the 700+ sessions offered will address VMware’s vision and roadmap for solutions related to private and public clouds, modern apps, networking and security, digital workspace, and emerging trends.
No Better Time to Yield Tangible Results on Digital Investments
MSys Technologies is ready to address challenges that impede digital readiness within software products and demonstrate unique, yet cost-effective solutions to overcome them. MSys Technologies’ Architects will be stationed at VMWorld 2019 to provide insights on optimum digital blueprints and tips and tricks to convert digital acceleration into a market advantage.

  • Date – August 25-29, 2019
  • Venue – Moscone Center, San Francisco
  • Enquire at [email protected]

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