MSys Technologies releases Annual Growth Statement for 2017

The past year has been remarkable for MSys Technologies. The business has been steadily expanding, and the overall growth is 33 percent higher than in 2016. MSys Technologies is moving to the next level.

Milestones Achieved

MSys achieved worldwide acclaim when it was awarded the IE 20 prize in 2017, and was recognized as one of the fastest growing storage companies in the world. This helped MSys establish itself as a recognized product engineering company in the storage realm. Besides demonstrating a YoY growth of 33 percent, the company has seen a steady increase in its workforce by bringing approximately 200 employees into the family in the past year. This upward trajectory in employee strength resulted in a new spacious office space in Bengaluru in July 2017.

In April 2017, MSys announced the acquisition of DigiFutura, an application design and development company based out of Bengaluru. This strategic deal allows MSys to provide end-to-end product-testing, engineering and design development services across industries in a more comprehensive fashion than before, with less outside dependency.

Client Expansion

In the coming year, MSys will add to its already-extensive and renowned portfolio of clients, by using its industry-leading experience to build synergies across business units and functions to provide deeper customer intimacy to our clients. Some key clients that have joined hands with MSys in the last year include, an enterprise grade hyper-converged infrastructure company, an industry-leading platform for hyper-converged secondary storage solutions, a world leader in data management systems, and a leading American supplier of programmable logic devices.

The Road Ahead

Talking about the year 2018, CEO Sanjay Sehgal adds, “MSys continues to explore opportunities to acquire companies that help us expand our horizons into cutting edge technologies, newer markets and innovative business models. We have also chalked out a plan to increase the range of services and technology offerings to current markets and customers by focusing on Digital Technologies and Transformation spaces especially in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science.”

Thus, in line with trends of the recent past, MSys is looking at exponential growth both from an organic and inorganic standpoint. The organization will also provide services and technology services across the entire value chain within the Data Center Technology industry, encompassing Storage, Networking and Virtualization.