MSys Technologies Ushers Cloud Security at RSAC 2019

Alpharetta, Georgia (USA) – MSys is excited to be back at the awe-inspiring RSA conference, 2019. We’ve no second thoughts that this year’s RSAC will be mightier, incisive and ground-breaking. Well, it doesn’t surprise us when the RSAC 2019 central theme is known as ‘BETTER.’
MSys invites you – from CXO’s to engineers, to meet us at this spectacular security conclave. We’d love to know you, and if possible collaborate with you on making the cyber world a cleaner, safer space for forthcoming IT generations.

Meet MSys’ Cloud Security Architects at Moscone Center

Our cloud security experts Anand Jain, Arindam Sarkar, and Karthick Asaithambi, will be attending the RSA Conference 2019. Arindam Sarkar, our Director of Solutions, notes, “Cyber security is of utmost importance, and it’s not an apprehension for a select few, the onus is on the entire industry as a whole.”  Our team of senior engineers validate this belief. In addition to this, you can join them to discuss about industry best practices and trends, and to understand how a secure cloud infrastructure is paramount to the ever dynamic IT industry.  Together, we can explore pliable ideas and discuss razor-sharp solutions that wield your dream of ‘digital transformation.’

RSAC Beckons Stalwarts in the Security Domain

The RSA Conference is one of the world’s leading information security conferences and expositions. Once every year, the RSAC beckons stalwarts in the security domain to debate critical cybersecurity issues. It offers an unmissable opportunity to discussing cybersecurity at a granular level.

Reasons to Attend RSA Conference

The RSA Conference aims at dealing with the security risks posed by increasing digital footprints, big data and storage backups. This year their theme stresses on succinctly debating and unearthing solutions to defeat hacking, phishing attacks, and social lurking. The focus will be on developing the best algorithms to predict risk, using AI to outwit cybercriminals and to stay on top of the latest threats.

You’ll be fascinated to hear about the neck-wrecking cybersecurity threats and revolutionary strategies and measures from leading MVPs. Additionally, this event is also a great place to make new connections, uncover new opportunities and tap into the latest technology trends and cybersecurity threats.

Important Keynotes

RSA Conference 2019 has a great lineup of sessions and talks with a mélange of speakers. These include industry veterans, young experts, and security professionals from technology, government, aviation, and banking industries. We’ve handpicked some of the most thought-provoking keynotes for data and cloud security:

  • Engineering Trust and Security in the Cloud Era, Based on Early Lessons
  • The Future of Data Protection: Adapting to the Privacy Imperative Panel
  • Palo Alto Networks and Arista Networks CEOs Reveal Secrets to a Successful Cloud Journey
  • A Cloud Security Architecture Workshop

Some of the notable keynote speakers include:

  • Alissa Abdullah (VP, CISO of Xerox Corporation),
  • Ashwin Ambekar (Principal Architect (Security), Ebay Inc),
  • Wayne Anderson (Enterprise Security Architect, McAfee),
  • Rohit Ghai, President, RSA
  • Niloofar Razi Howe, Cybersecurity Strategist, and Entrepreneur
About MSys Technologies

MSys Technologies is a reliable partner for product engineering services and digital transformation projects for its Enterprise and Silicon Valley clientele. We design, develop and manage modern distributed systems and complex ecosystem integrations with open source, proprietary, cloud-native, and containerized technology expertise and outcome-based pricing.
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