SNIA Storage Developer Conference (SDC) 2019: MSys Technologies Storage Mavens to Present Technical Papers

Alpharetta, Georgia (USA), September 6, 2019 – MSys Technologies, a premier Storage, Networking, Virtualization, and Cloud (SNVC) engineering services provider and consulting partner is pleased to announce and present three technical papers at SNIA SDC USA 2019.

1.“LSM-Based Storage Techniques – Strengths and Trade-Offs.”
Learning objectives
  1. Introduction to LSM trees
  2. How LSM trees are used to store data
  3. Strengths and trade-offs of various LSM techniques

Authors: Shriram Pore, AVP, Storage Engineering and Rohan Puri, Technica Lead, Storage Development

 2.“Application Performance Benchmarking for NVMe-oF Persistent Volume (on Kubernetes Cluster)”
Learning Objectives
  • Automated Kubernetes cluster deployment with GlusterFS and NVMeOF target
  • Application scalability insight on Persistent Volumes over NVMeOF target
  • Application Performance Benchmarking Reports on NVMe-OF persistent volume attached to scale-out Kubernetes cluster and its analysis.

Authors: Pooja Pandey, Lead Engineer, and Pranjali Malode, Lead Engineer

3.“Microblogging Blockchain-Based Encrypted Cloud Storage Architecture with Compliance to General Data Protection Regulation – Right to Erasure (Right to be Forgotten)”

Learning Objectives

  1. The rise of Blockchain Storage Marketplace (Gartner 2025: $176 billion Blockchain market)
  2. Decentralized cloud storage – Charismatic data scalability and resilient data availability
  3. Access to 1 TB of data storage at a mere $1 to $2
  4. Microblogging Block-chain Architecture with compliance to General Data Protection Regulation – Right to Erasure (Right to be Forgotten)
  5. 2020 predictions (not too farsighted) for encrypted cloud storage

Authors: Divyank Shukla, Storage Architect

Incisive Insights into Business-Critical Storage Industry Problems

MSys Technologies’ speakers carry a remarkable body of work in the field of storage. They come with extensive experience in multiple Storage technologies, including Network Monitoring and Management, Web Service Architecture, Data Protection, and Disaster Recovery, Software Defined Data Centers, HCI, and Distributed Object Storage. Their Storage industry’s sharp acumen is evident from the fact that they wish to enlighten the audience on the crucial topics that can help drive maximum business revenue. During the paper presentation, they will touch upon mission-critical business challenges and uncover powerful and novel solutions.
About Authors
Shriram Pore
Shriram Pore is a Storage industry veteran holding around two decades of extensive experience. In the current role of Associate VP – Storage Engineering at MSys, Shriram is leading a strategic cross-company effort to build a Cloud Engineering CoE overseeing a range of roles including product engineering for storage, virtualization and in data center technologies.
Rohan Puri
Rohan holds over a decade of experience in developing storage software, mainly file systems. At Msys, Rohan leads the file systems development effort with ownership of modules like synchronous replication, transaction store, file checksumming, software encryption, generic socket layer (base communication for SMB/NFS).
Divyank Shukla
Divyank holds more than 17 years of experience in System and Storage Technologies. At MSys, Divyank works as the technological lead and mentor, helping engineers by resolving issues of various scale and complexities. Divyank has contributed to four patents, mostly in Storage Domains.
Pooja Pandey
Pooja holds over a decade of a distinguished career in Storage Quality Assurance and troubleshooting for world class premium storage products. In her previous stints, she worked on EMC Storage, Oracle Pillar data systems, Sandisk, Cloud Velox, and Barclays products.
Pranjali Malode
Pranjali holds more than a decade of experience in Software Testing and QA implementation for Enterprise level, High-Performance Computing (HPC), Software-Defined Storage (SDS), Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) storage solutions.
Sanjay Sehgal, CEO, and Founder, MSys Technologies applauds, “Once again, our datacenter mavens are selected to present at SNIA SDC USA 2019. I am happy that they will represent MSys Technologies at the most premier Storage event in the world. At MSys Technologies, they have been delivering value-driven storage solutions to our Enterprise and ISV partners. Their passion and commitment towards Storage give them the edge.“

Four Days of Fun and Learning at SNIA SDC USA

SNIA SDC is the most premier storage event globally. The event will offer a robust platform to bring together excellent storage experts. The two-day event will include educational presentations, keynote sessions, live demos, etc. The audience can witness discussions around burgeoning problems within Storage technologies while learning new-age solutions.

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