What is the difference between DevOps in IT and DevOps in Internet of Things (IoT)?

Nov 25 - 1 min read

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Differing a little from pure IT DevOps, DevOps in IoT deals more with the interaction between connected physical devices and the often fragmented IoT teams. Moreover, while the IT focused development pipelines can leverage lean development, the IoT needs a more cultural approach where every case might require a different solution based on its nuances.

Based on that, one can conclude the following differences:

  • Throughout the IT delivery pipeline, the physical infrastructure is more or less the same, with a few changes in OS here and there. IoT, on the contrary, might go through multiple changes in the endpoint devices and interfaces.
  • Automation in IoT calls for end-to-end virtualization owing to the physical devices that need to agree with the automation strategy. IT Automation is more limited to the processes that can be scripted throughout the pipeline and calibrated regularly for their accuracy in results.
  • IT is and will continue having more synchronized release cycles where the product release and distribution are continuous and comparatively easier. For DevOps in IoT, however, such release cycles are a challenge due to the complexity of the components involved.

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