10 Things Java Programmers should Learn in 2020

MSys Marketing Apr 30

Java is one of the popular programming languages used in the world to develop applications for different uses. The best thing about Java is that it is reliable, secure and fast. Java is widely used be it supercomputers, desktop or web application, gaming box or android cellphones.

It is given that to be a good programmer one must has his/her basics clear in Java development. However, what also matters is they keep themselves updated. This ensures the application built is best of its time.

Java releases update every six months. 2020 seems be exciting. Let’s explore things that Java programmers could learn to up their game.

Java Stream API sounds similar to InputStream and OutputSream in Java IO, but it is completely different, so let’s not get confused. Streams are specifically introduced in Java 8 to ease functional programming. Java Streams are Monads, a structure that represents computations as a chain of steps. Read the complete blog, here

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