16 Best Practices To Make The Best Out Of Test Automation In CI/CD Pipeline

May 05

Often organizations realize end-to-end automation in a development cycle is not the best approach. While there are some test scenaios that must be automated, there are always some that are best approached manually. Though automation is an vital [part of CI/CD, it is important to identify the test scenarios which would translate into the best results for the CI/CD pipeline.

Let us look at some pivotal charcteristics that make the best out of Test Automation ins CI/ CD pipeline –


Test automation is an integral part of the overall test strategy, but it has to be planned & executed carefully. Cloud-based testing could simplify your overall test automation strategy due to the reliability & scalability aspects. These enhancements not only motivate the team members but also let you get the best out of the best practices for CI/CD pipeline. Reach out to us to know we can develop and accelerate your products and applications with our QA Automation and DevOps Practices.

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