What are the 4 stages of Software Testing?

MSys Marketing May 04

Every application released by us is put through a series of test procedures to ensure that the end result is what we intended it to be. While ether are four main stages of testing an application, there are some that would argue to include “Regression testing” among the critical stages. While we don’t deny Regression testing is critical, it is just something that can be implemented at any stage, i.e. throughout the product cycle, and is not necessarily a bottleneck for a product release. So, let’s dive in and look at the four important stages of Software Testing.


Now that you know the four important stages of testing, you can ensure that you have a robust test process and team that adheres to the standard testing procedures. Choosing to carry these stages manually or through automation is completely your call, but industry leaders and QA Automation experts swear by striking the right balance between the two. You can read this whitepaper on Test Automation Done Correctly: A Business Perspective to know how Test Automation can enhance each step of your testing process.

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